Roman Missal Third Edition Value Edition

Roman Missal Third Edition Value Edition
Item# roman-missal-third-edition-value-edition

Product Description

WLP has received special permission from the Vatican to include treasured art from the Vatican Apostolic library in our striking new editions of the new English translation of the Mass. Features large, legible type for ease of reading and proclaiming the texts, even in low light! WLP's Value Edition provides the same interior features of the Deluxe Edition. This volume is case bound in bonded leather, with a lightly simpler cover design that maintains the nobility of the Deluxe Edition.

Added feature: World Library Publications' award-winning music engravers have set all the chants in the Missal in a clean, easy-to-chant style that respects the sense of the text and helps celebrants to sing them more effortlessly and effectively.

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